With the commitment to provide our customers with the best quality products and services to their satisfaction, we, Samsung Vina Insurance understand that fair and prompt claims settlement would be a great support to our clients for recovery their business due to unforeseen/sudden incident/loss.

With professional business, good service and strong financial security, we would like to bring to our customers an excellent service and satisfaction based on terms of PROMPT and FAIR.

Claim Service Standard

Acknowledgement of claims within 24 hours from receipt of a claim notice.
Immediate conduct loss survey at site or make an appointment with the Professional Loss Adjuster to do the inspection at site together with the client.
Proceed the claim settlement within 15 working days after receiving fully necessary documentation.

Claim Network

Regarding domestic claims, Claim Department of SVI will check with client information and assign the Professional Loss Adjuster and/or the Claim Adjuster to attend the site at soon as possible. Furthermore, the Loss Adjuster/ Claim Adjuster will support client about claim compensation process and necessary steps for claim procedure.

For some oversea cargo claims, clients can contact directly to our Hubs (Settling Agents) where you can receive their supports to do the claim procedure:

Claim Notification

In the unfortunate event of an incident that may give rise to a claim under your insurance policy with Samsung Vina Insurance, please do contact us immediately via the methods shown below for further advice and assistance.
All lines of insurance:

Claim Procedure

This is a general guideline on claim procedure between the parties to an insurance contract.