Management information

Members’ Council (“MC”)

The MC shall be the highest authority of the company and shall direct the overall management of the business of company with the objectivity of taking all reasonable and proper steps to make as a large profit as is possible while at the same time maintaining the value of the investment and sustaining the growth of company.
Full name Title Appointment date
Ye Young Hae MC Chairman December 23, 2021
Nguyen Anh Tuan MC Vice Chairman  October 2, 2021
Park Kwang Sik MC Member March 14, 2024
Kim TaeHyun MC Member January 14, 2020

Board of Directors (“BoD”)

General Director shall be a legal representative of SVI; implement the various resolutions of the MC, organize and lead the day-to-day management of company and exercise all authority, rights with responsibilities in connection with the day-to-day operations of company within Vietnamese laws and guidelines set by the MC.
Full name Title Appointment date
Ye Young Hae General Director December 23, 2021
Nguyen Anh Duc Deputy General Director February 14, 2022
Song Hyun Mi Chief Financial Officer June 1, 2024
Kwon Young Min Branch Director November 21, 2023


On May 19, 2016, Mr. Trieu Minh Chau Luan has approved by Ministry of Finance as the actuary of SVI. He shall conduct all duties as provided in Article 16 of Circular No. 50/2017/TT-BTC dated May 15, 2017.