Workmen’s Compensation

Interest Insured

Labour Accident or Occupation Disease incurs:

  • During working time, at working site even in overtime required by Employer
  • Out of working site when the employee is performing the duty at the request of the Employer
  • On the way to and from the working site
Who Needs To Buy

Enterprises/ Constructors buy for:

  •  Your Factory's Employees
  • Your Construction's Employees 
Scope Of Cover/ Insured Perils Compensate for Labor Accident or Occupation Disease which happens during the Period of Insurance to the Insured Person.
Coverage A:
   1. Death or Permanent Total Disablement (81% or above)
   2. Partial Permanent Disablement
Coverage B:
   Medical Expenses for treatment
Coverage C:
   Loss of Salary during Medical Treatment
* For compulsory policies, comply with Law (coverage, ratting tariff)

Depended on the Insured's:

  • Insured Person Activity
  • Total number of insured persons
  • Claim history
Requested Document
  • Proposal Form
  • List of insured employees