Office Multi-Risks Insurance

Interest Insured

Section 1: Material Damage "" All Risks""

  • Building and Structure
  • Machinery &  Equipment
  • Portable Items
  • Stocks ( Including Raw Material, Unfinished and Finished Goods), 
  • Furniture and Fixture

And other items located belong to enterprises…

Section 2:  Money 

Section 3:  Public Liability including Tenant's liability

Section 4:  Personal Accident

Who Needs To Buy
  • Office Buildings
  • Represenetative Offices
  • Finance Leasing
  • Commercial Banking

And who needs package coverage for their property/money/liability to third party/personal accident to employees

Scope Of Cover/ Insured Perils Section 1: Material Damage "" All Risks""
Accidental and Physical loss of or destruction of or damage to the Insured Property while such property is located anywhere within the above risk location(s) caused by:
1. Compulsory Fire and Explosion regulation of The Government
2. Any risks except those covered under Compulsory Fire and Explosion or specifically excluded
(Ex: Lightning, Subterranean Fire, , Boiler Explosion (if it is not predominant risk) all written in conjunction with Fire), Aircraft, Riot, Civil Commotion, Strikes, Locked-Out Workers, Earthquake, Windstorm or Tempest, Flood, Bursting or Overflowing of Water Tanks, Apparatus of Pipes, Impact by Vehicle, Sprinkler Leakage, etc.)

Section 2:  Money 
- Loss of or damage to Money whilst in Premises and the cost to repair or replacement of the Safe or Strong-room directly associated with any theft or attempted theft
-Loss of or damage to Money whilst in Transit – within Vietnam

Section 3:  Public Liability including Tenant's liability
-To indemnify the Assured against legal liability, including tenants liability, to pay damages and claimants costs and expenses in respect of bodily injury (including death, disease or illness) to any person or accidental loss of or damage to material property arising in connection with the business anywhere Vietnam

Section 4:  Personal Accident
-bodily injury or Death which happens during the Period of Insurance to the insured Person

Depended on the Insured's:

  • Business activity 
  • Risk Management
  • Building Structures
  • Risk Location   
  • Loss History
  • Deductible  
  • Market Condition
  • Financial Report
  • Machine Using Year
Requested Document
  • Proposal Form/ Application Form
  • Detailed breakdown of Insured Property
  • Business License / Investment License
  • Official acceptance about fire prevention & protection system of Fire Police Department 
  • Latest minute of meeting of fire & safety inspection from Fire Police Department
  • List of fire protection systems for each building within the site.
  • Emergency response procedure
  • Loss/Claim/Significant incidents history (Fire, Natural hazards, Political perils, theft)
  • Loan/ Leased/ Mortgage contract(s)
  • Limit of Idemnity (Monney Section)
  • Limit of Liability (Public Liability Section)"