Construction All Risks/ Compulsory Construction All Risks

Interest Insured Materials, Supplies, Temporary Buildings, Tools, Machinery, Plant and Equipment, Removal of Debris, Transit, Professional Fees, Expediting Expenses, Pre-existing Structures to be incoperated into the works or used in the construction.
Who Needs To Buy

Construction projects such as:

  • Civil Construction Works (dwelling house, works for public..)
  • Industrial Construction Works (works for building materials manufacturing, metallurgy and mechanical engineering works, works for chemical industry…)
  • Technical infrastructure construction work (works serving water supply , drainage works...)
  • Transport construction works (road, railway, bridge...)
Scope Of Cover/ Insured Perils
  • Providing financial security for all parties involved in project
  • Covering any accidental loss or damage at the construction site from any cause not exempted.
  • Third party claims in respect to property damage or bodily injury arising in connection with the execution of a construction project are covered under the liability section.

Depended on the Insured's:

  • The location of the project and its geography
  • Contract details and values
  • Contractor and Contractor's experience
  • The work and the site
  • The construction plant
  • The claim history of all parties
  • All parties to be insured
    * For compulsory policies, comply with Law (coverage, ratting tariff, deductible...)
Requested Document
  • Proposal Form/ Application Form
  • Project Schedule / Bar Chart
  • Geological Survey Report
  • Project Description
  • Contract Value Breakdown
  • Major Equipment Detail
  • Description of the process and/or Technology)
  • Plans, diagrams, etc. (blue print)
  • Information in interested parties (project owner, main contractor, Financial Institution, manufacturer of main equipment, etc.)