Inland Transit

Interest Insured Transported cargo by land, by railways, by air and by waterways
Who Needs To Buy Seller/ Buyer 
Scope Of Cover/ Insured Perils
  1. Fire or explosion
  2. Earthquake typhoon inundation cyclone catastrophic earth wave and lightning
  3. Means of conveyance being sunk overturned capsized fallen down or stranded, collision
  4. Blowing down of tree collapse of bridge or tunnel and other structures
  5. Means of transportation of goods being missing 
  6. Reasonable expenses and costs incurred in averting or minimizing loss of or damage to the insured goods.
  7. Charges for unloading storing and forwarding the insured goods as a result of the operation of a risk covered
  8. Reasonable expenses incurred for surveying and ascertaining loss or damage

Depended on:

  • Subject insured matter 
  • Voyage 
  • Packaging 
  • Vessel Classification/ Vessel Year of Age 
  • Valuation of shipment
  • Scope of Cover 
  • Loss history
  • Deductible 

Requested Document
  • Declaration Form
  • Sale Contract 
  • Commercial Invoice 
  • Packing List  
  • Bill of Lading 
  • Letter of Credit